Modern quotes in a dead language #10:

Credo partem maiorem luctationis esse aliquantum supervacuam et ipsam frigidam. Luctatio ad vitam pluribus hominibus pluribus temporibus, maxime in civitate postrustica et industriali, est frigidissima. Hominibus arduissime et horas longissimas ad maximam pecuniam haud merendum laborandum est: si non ages, fere nullum merebis. Vero, vita haud est mera hilaria, ita illam luctationem magno cum gaudio permutem.

(I think a lot of the struggle is kind of pointless and is in itself boring. The struggle for existence for most people most of the time, especially in a post-agricultural, industrial society, is a bit of a grind. People have to work very hard and awfully long hours for not a great deal of money: if you don't, you get virtually nothing. Life's not much fun, frankly, so I'd quite happily trade in that struggle. -- Iain M. Banks, 6 Jan 2009, Interview with CNN: "Author Iain M. Banks: 'Humanity's future is blister-free calluses!' ")

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