Done with Latin I, starting on Latin II

	What is it?

	I've been listening to the 
	transmission. And I think Houston 
	made a mistake in the translation.

	Go on.

DJ plays the recording again. Stops it abruptly.

	They thought it said, "Liberatis 
	me," "Save me," but it's not "me." 
	It's "tutemet:" "Save yourself."

	It's not a distress call. It's a 

	It gets worse.

Miller stares at him.

	It's very hard to make out, but listen 
	to this final part.

He plays the recording again.

	Do you hear it? Right there.

	Hear what?

	It sounds like "ex infera:" "ex," 
	from; "infera," the ablative case of 
	"inferi." "Hell."

	"Save yourself. From Hell."
	What are you saying, are you saying 
	that this ship is possessed?

-- From the script of Event Horizon, 1997.

I need to pay more attention to my relatives.

My relative pronouns, that is. Thanks, I'll be here all week, try the fish sauce.

While I was able to recite "qui, quae, quod" in my sleep, (and not via this insanity), I think I could have used a little more translation practice on them before going into my final test in Latin I. But that's OK. I scored almost perfectly on the test. There were 22 translations, and it took me about 45 minutes to get through the first pass. The first few were pretty basic, and I spent maybe 30 seconds each on those, but they started become harder towards the end. One of them really puzzled me for a few minutes, but I was able to work it out. I spent the last 15 minutes double-checking, especially on the English-to-Latin translations. I checked those by re-translating back into Latin to see if it made sense. I ended up changing the order of words on some of those to make the meaning more clear.

We are allowed to use the dictionary in the back of the book, but obviously referring to the dictionary often enough will sink you time-wise. I find this very realistic and practical.

I'm definitely looking forward to Latin II.

I feel that I'm getting a very good, thorough grounding in Latin. At first I felt that the classes were slow going, but that's because I was used to ripping through a Latin grammar (and learning very little in the process). It turns out that my recall on the material we learned is now nearly perfect, which is great, so clearly Andrew, our magister bonus, knows his stuff.

Of course, I'm motivated: Latin is a hobby for me. I have no idea what someone who has to take Latin would think. I guess that's no different than with any subject.

I'm also very much looking forward to third-declension nouns. I found in my aborted translation of the Artificial Intelligence Wikipedia article into Latin that the third declension came up very often.