Vise: 1, angle iron clamp: 0

In the previous post, I continued my adventure in creating a clamp for my vise. I drilled three holes through the long part of the L, and then proceeded to mill around the resulting long hole. This time, I went very slowly, perhaps 0.001" per second, sometimes a bit faster. This time I didn't chip the milling bit, so I now have some experience at what is a good speed.

Now that I had the completed L, I could use it to clamp down the vise. Which I proceeded to do. And then I discovered this:

Tightening the nut for this clamp caused the metal to bend. That's not a good clamp! I suspect that this particular metal, whatever the heck it is aside from the generic label "weldable steel", is too soft to use as a clamp.

So, with that failure, I decided to just use the ordinary clamping set, which works just fine, if a bit clunkily: