Fritz's Food

I made a video about my Dachshund Fritz, who is annoyed, in a fake German accent, at certain items which could be in his dog food. Don't be put off by the title, it's safe for everyone, and there's a cat at the end.

Please take a look at it, and leave a comment, whether positive or negative. But no foul language. I run a clean joint! While you're there, have a look at some of the other crazy videos on my channel.

Fritz's Food on YouTube.

Update 12 Jul 2010: This video won an award! Alex Brown Racing sponsored a contest where the most popular video would win US$1000 for a chosen horse charity, where popular is based on the number of views, the number of comments, and the video's rating. And we won, being by far the most popular video. The $1000 went to The Equihab Foundation. I credit the fact that the video had humor. I don't think you attract people by making them cry or feel bad or feel guilty. But then again, how the heck would you work humor into those "save a child for a nickel a year" campaigns?