Tim Robinson's Programmable Mechanical Sequencer

Babbage included microcode in his Engine, meaning that he could control and sequence the individual elements of the Engine within a single cycle. While searching for ideas on how to sequence groups of rods in the Rodulator, I found that Tim Robinson, who created a Difference Engine out of Meccano, also created a mechanical sequencer. Listening to it is hypnotizing. But more importantly, it is reliable. I would like to achieve that level of reliability for the Rodulator.

But without using Meccano. My personal feeling is that if I can fabricate the basic parts myself, I don't have to be limited to the architecture and conformation that Meccano provides. And while that limitation is a boon, it is as much a hindrance because I want to make my mechanisms as small as possible. That, and Meccano is hellishly expensive.