First parts created!

The first two parts for the Babbage-Boole Logical Engine are finished!


These are 3-rod wall parts. They fit together like this:


I need to make five more of each part, and then I can put some rods in and prototype some logical functions. I made these parts on the manual vertical mill. I haven't yet gotten to the point where I can make these on the CNC mill at NextFab. The Roland CNC mill uses a proprietary program called SRP Player which is actually good for milling complex 3D objects, but not so good for simple shapes whose surfaces are essentially 2D. I will likely create my own toolpath using GCam, and see if the Roland accepts that.

Note that I also decided to change the name from Babbage-Boole Rodulator to Babbage-Boole Logical Engine. It is really an Analytical Engine, but works with logical data rather than arithmetical data. Or, put another way, base 2 instead of base 10.