Casing for demonstrator completed

Maker Faire is in New York Saturday September 25 and Sunday September 26, and NextFab offered to let me display something that I made with NextFab equipment on their table. So I decided to make a cheap version of a demonstrator model for the Logical Engine: a casing made out of acrylic, with only the insides being metal. Considering how long it took me to get some casing pieces out of aluminum, it was the work of under an hour to draw some parts in Illustrator and print them out in acrylic on the Trotec laser cutter. Some holes drilled through using the vertical mill, and we have a casing:


It's a 3x3-rod cube which will allow me to have two inputs and three outputs: conjunction (AND), disjunction (OR), and exclusive disjunction (XOR). Hopefully I can get the rods completed by that weekend.

"Redmond C. Bagstock" is my steampunk name :)