Maker Faire NYC 2010

Went to Maker Faire NYC today, to exhibit Logical Engine No. 1. It will still be there tomorrow, Sunday September 26.



(The sign says: Towards a Steam-Powered Logical Engine. Charles Babbage, FRS and George Boole present Logical Engine No. 1.  A Demonstration Model shewing the Principle of Logical Calculations by means of the Movements and Interferences of Rods, whereby the Operations of Conjunction, Disjunction, and Exclusive Disjunction, known vulgarly as And, Or, and Xor, may be Performed.)

The Engine was a huge draw! People walking by just suddenly stopped and looked, and then started playing with it -- there was a small sign I made saying "Please Touch". I'd tell them to keep playing with it, and if they wanted a hint as to how it worked, I'd be glad to explain. Many took me up on the offer.  An 8-year old came over and played with it, and as I watched I could see he got the idea without anyone explaining. He was the only one :)

NextFab was pretty pleased, since the Engine was drawing interest to the table. Thanks, NextFab, for giving me the space!

There was a huge installation of the Life-Size Mousetrap (based on the game Mousetrap). In this picture you can see the stairs, the plumbing, and the bathtub.


Life-Size Mousetrap had a bunch of what appeared to be carneys. One was a woman dressed as a mouse, and I was kinda hoping that the mouse would get trapped under a net or a cage or something similar to the real Mousetrap... but instead the end was a safe smashing into a car. Disappointed.

Here is a squid riding mower.


And a fish float. I'm not sure why.