Acrylic casing for Logical Engine modules

I haven't written in a while, and that's because the attempts of the past weeks had nothing but problems. I moved from the Trotec laser cutter to the ShopBot to see if I could cut out parts from acrylic. Wood just wasn't good enough. So in learning the software and the machine, I ended up with parts that weren't designed right, parts missing features, bits that broke. Finally I managed to use the right bit (Onsrud has a great selection of bits that work very well with ShopBots) with the right file, and ended up with a full module casing made out of 3/8" acrylic.

IMG 20110625 165856


IMG 20110625 165905

I had some acrylic left over, so I cut a 10-position Geneva mechanism:


Shopbot geneva


The coming weeks will be devoted to preparing for MakerFaire in NYC. I'll be dressing up the Geneva mechanism, and ShopBotting a few more mechanisms such as a ratchet counter and maybe some simple rod logic, and putting them all together in a sort of Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities. They'll all run continuously using a motor.