Laser-engraved bottle

Absinthe, La Fée Verte, The Green Fairy. So-called because late Victorians drank this stuff and claimed to have hallucinations. In truth, it was likely that the hallucinations, if any, were caused by toxic chemicals put in the drink to turn it as green as possible. Thujone was thought to be a psychoactive compound found in wormwood, a key ingredient in absinthe, but this has since been debunked: thujone is not psychoactive.

Anyway, I mashed up some art from the Internet, and engraved it onto a bottle using the Trotec laser.


IMG 20110712 203555


IMG 20110712 203612


Here are the TIF files at 1000 dpi in case you want to make your own bottle:

Bottle front

Bottle back

The sources were: