The N-gram Sherlock Holmes

Can I give @Horse_ebooks a run for his money? I wrote a quick program to take in much of the Sherlock Holmes canon and create letter-based N-grams from them. Here's an example of the output with N=10, which seems to strike the right balance between unintelligible and over-fidelity. So I present to you a new Sherlock Holmes short story. I only added the title, some close-quotes and paragraph breaks, and the final "THE END".

With a Cold Sneer upon the Table

  "Crowder, the game-keeper in the temporary office, and Holmes had high hopes, while her pursuer dogged her some little use," he remarked, "if it is indeed, a stranger, that nobody can find this witness for you, perhaps, but at last he broke out at me, spitting and cursing, with a cold sneer upon the table."


The blundering against it, he put all his weight upon it.


Suspicion of treachery never for an instant but a glance of a face in a window, but in spite of my ignorance of the room. Very good, Brother Morris, we'll have the truth. "No doubt it's just what his employer of the woman Douglas. I saw no necessity to disturb the housekeeper's room."


"It looks like one of the mangled body, overwhelmed with grief and despair in his eyes were wild and staring!" An agitated water. He seemed himself during my checkered career, but never anyone in the room was laid down his room. Godfrey read it, and feeling once more. I am not sure that the game in their places.


My lens discloses more than the last. "I should wish to know."


"Well, was there yesterday that I spoke to her of the beautiful of women, and then to my amazement at the last occasion. He had had nothing save what I have it in me to make anything else?"


"'You have carte blanche."




"I tell you, however, another mouthful of dinner before they were bosom friend of yours, and I don't know the day that I cannot help you much. His only accomplishments, sir, may be less than five feet high and impenetrable to light, she stood blinking out that he had got a trap to take her on her own terms, and I have some strong influence on her destiny and that on your arrival had left us," but he said nothing but a curse yet upon the brass salver.


"A young lady has arrived at the tops with rich brown fur, completed his arrangements; but at the trial. Good-night!"


"Good-night, Councillor McGinty, you may not be. But I know nothing, so that I can't put two words together with an apology," he said.