It's the cat with the +1 cuteness attack,

who rolls plenty of natural twenties
when he rolls the dice to save versus mice,
and isn't it nice to eat twice, stealing the other cat's fish slice.

Disarming the trap made from a cap and a chin strap,
from the save versus lolcat, successes that raise the stat
to sneak out the door on the ground floor while he ignores
the shouts from the house while he goes hunting for a mouse.

But he doesn't catch the vermin cause I follow as he
rolls around on the ground as he listens to the sound
of my pst! pst! pst! which makes his ears gyrate
as he conflates the sound with a cat that's irate
as he takes the bait so I can grab him up which
he allows as he meows and I vow to check his
position when I make the transition to outside
which works for a spell until he saves versus his collar bell. :(

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